A Few Words About Us

Fillmore County Medical Center, P.C. was formed by the merger of Ashby Clinic and Family Health Services Clinic in November 2004. Our goal is to provide the patrons of Fillmore County, Geneva and the surrounding communities with the best, most up to date healthcare in a professional and compassionate manner.

Our Team

Jason L. Bespalec, M.D.

Jason L. Bespalec, M.D. - Assisted by Penny

Alanna R. Beckman, M.D.

Alanna R. Beckman, M.D. - Assisted by Carlie

Russ Coash, PA-C & Michelle Dorsey, PA-C

Russ Coash, PA-C & Michelle Dorsey, PA-C - Assisted by Donna

Danielle M. Jaegar, PA-C

Danielle M. Jaegar, PA-C - Assisted by Kylee

Triage Nurses

Triage Nurses - Deb, Kelsey, Jodi

Front Office Staff

Front Office Staff - Marilyn, Karen, Nina, Jill, Danielle, Dana